Based in Bangkok, with a passion for travel and street photography, I am constantly being drawn to capture people, portraits and candid life as it happens before me. Originally from the UK, I first fell in love with travel, backpacking around the world more than 15 years ago…since then I have been enticed to experience travel more deeply, by meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and embarking on richer adventures…in recent years travelling extensively through South East Asia – Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar and in 2015 having the opportunity to explore South Korea and the less travelled Maldives and Bhutan.

While I always had an eye for catching fleeting moments on the road with my trusty pocket Lumix camera, it wasn’t until late 2014 that I set out to teach myself the art of candid street photography, in my adopted home – the colorful hustle bustle of Bangkok. Since then I have been hooked on capturing and sharing the magical feelings my natural candid pictures evoke.

Finalist in Wanderlust Travel Magazine Photo of The Year 2015, Awarded Silver and Bronze recognition in “Better Photography” Photograph of the Year in 2015 &2016 and shortlisted in the People category of “B+W Magazine” Black & White Photographer of the Year, I am making an exciting start in this photography journey, which I hope you will enjoy and be inspired by the people & places that I’ve been fortunate to capture.

All photos shot with Lumix & Sony cameras.

Details of 2017 exhibition in Bangkok – coming soon!

Graeme Heckels